Meet Our Families

Meet some of the Central Oklahoma Habitat families who have worked hard toward homeownership.

Mohammed C. and Soumia B.

Homeowner #1014 - Mohammed works for the USPS and Soumia is a stay-at-home Mom to their two small children. Their apartment was too small for their growing family.

They already know some of their new neighbors and are looking forward to becoming part of their new community.

Genaura M.

Homeowner #1013 - Genaura has struggled as a single mother to give her daughter a sense of security. She sees their new home, and community, as what they need to make them both feel some stability.

She says “I feel this program gave us an opportunity that can never be repaid. One I thought I would never see and I will always be humbled to all involved.”

Betty A.

Homeowner #1012 - Betty and four of her five kids were living in a mobile home. She says they are a normal family full of dreams and adds, “I strongly believe that every American’s dream is to one day own a house to achieve peace of mind, raise happy, confident, responsible kids”.

She says when she told her kids they were getting a Habitat house, the smiles on their faces were priceless. She adds “Everything I do is for the love I have for my family”.

Marissa H.

Homeowner #1011 - After having her son, Marissa took a leap of faith and applied for a Habitat home. She was denied several times, but with a lot of patience and prayer she was finally approved and on her way to becoming a Habitat homeowner.

She looks forward to living in a safe environment with a great school district and having more space to entertain her son and loved ones. She says “My volunteer work with Habitat has been a huge learning experience”,

Brittni P.

Homeowner #1010 - Brittni wanted to provide her young daughter a home, not just a house, and a safe environment, not just a common place where they stayed.

She wrote “More importantly, knowing that I am now a part of something greater than me, that touches lives and enriches them daily, I will forever be grateful! Thank you, Habitat for Humanity, for this opportunity! You’ve done it again, another families future significantly brighter."

Ram Z. and Martha D.

Homeowner #1009 - Ram and Martha are refugees from Myanmar. They came to this country over 4 years ago and are “really, really happy to be in the U.S.A.”

They are very excited about their new home and say “GOD BLESS AMERICA!”.

Dameia L. and John E.

Dameia and John are happy to make renting a thing in their past.

They are happy to have an affordable first home in a beautiful community.

Ana and Fausto L.

Homeowner #1008 - Fausto was a college baseball player and decided to stay and make OKC his home. Ana is an Administrative Assistant at an assisted living facility. Their new home allows them to leave unsafe, rundown and overcrowded apartments behind.

They have a 4-year-old son and would like to add to their family. Now they feel they have the space and security their growing family needs.

Kingsely N. and Prisca N.

Homeowner #1007 - Kingsely and Prisca immigrated from Cameroon. They decided to apply for Habitat because they were ready to start a family and wanted to stop moving around constantly and to have a safer, permanent home. They also felt that they were paying too much in rent.

Prisca was already pregnant when they applied with Habitat and had given birth to a healthy baby by the time they closed on their home.

Ashley W. and Rose W.

Homeowner #1006 - These sisters wrote “A Habitat home equals a safe place; somewhere we and our two (big) puppies can live without having to worry about being harassed or thrown out for no reason. A place we can start a family/families and feel secure.

My sister and I love to learn and to help people, so Habitat is a perfect fit. Not only do we get to finally have a place to call home, but we also get to help others achieve the same.”

Cassidy and Garrett D

Homeowner #1005 - Cassidy received a B.S. in community health from the OU and Garrett attended West Point Military Academy where he played division 1 soccer and was named All-American in 2010. In 2013, they introduced the sport of futsal to Oklahoma by opening their own business called Sportshouse Development. They also started Futsal Academy, a nonprofit designed to help kids play futsal regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.

Cassidy and Garrett appreciate the opportunity that Habitat for Humanity has created for the future of their family. Their new house payment will significantly improve their budget and allow them to move toward a place of financial freedom. They say “Habitat for Humanity recognizes that “It takes a village” and we will forever be indebted to their mission.”

Carlos E. and Maria R.

Homeowner #1004 - Carlos and Maria came to this country from Mexico 14 years ago. It took 7 years and was a very expensive process, but they wanted a better life. They worked hard and paid off the bills they had accumulated and thought they were unable to afford their own home until they heard about Habitat for Humanity.

They are very excited about making their dream a reality and hope to continue volunteering and help others fulfill their own dreams.

Jolesa R.

Homeowner #1003 - Jolesa is a single Mom with four children of her own and a foster child she has added to her family. She is happy to have a new home where all of her kids will have room to grow.

The whole family is looking forward to making new friends in their new neighborhood. .

Tori W.

Homeowner #1002 - Tori wanted a place to call her own, but mostly she wanted a place of stability for her son to grow up in and call home.

She wanted him to have “somewhere safe to look back and reflect on his childhood.”

Tomas and Alicia G.

Homeowner #1001 - Tomas and Alicia came to the United States from Mexico in search of a better future and chose to become citizens.

They are thankful to Central Oklahoma Habitat for making it possible for them to own their new home.

Brittani G.

Homeowner #1000 - Brittani grew up in Michigan and came to Oklahoma for school. She is an LPN and the mother of two small boys.

Brittani is excited about having her own home where she and her children can “love, learn and grow” and grateful to be able to begin a new chapter in her life with hope for the future.

Oretha L.

Homeowner #999 - Oretha is a single Mom. She is an administrative clerk for a large insurance company.

Oretha feels her new home will provide her and her son the security that has been lacking in their lives.

Anarbol D. and Cinthia C.

Homeowner #998 - Anarbol works for a local irrigation company and is working to establish his own business. Cinthia is a stay-at-home mom taking care of their two children.

They are excited to have a house in a safe neighborhood where they have the opportunity to better their lives.

Angelis R.

Homeowner #997 - Angelis is a single Mother with four children and two nephews she also took into her care. To say that their previous living conditions were unsatisfactory would be an understatement!

In addition to now having a home that accommodates them all, Angelis is happy that she is able to live near friends and family. She is grateful for the opportunity given her.

Ashley B.

Homeowner #996 - Ashley is a Logistics Management Specialist and also volunteers as a kindergarten tutor at a local elementary school. She sees her new home as an investment and also the place she hopes to eventually raise her own family.

Ashley says working with other Habitat homeowners while putting in her sweat equity hours was very meaningful on a personal level.

Alejandro L. and Misty G.

Homeowner #995 - Alejandro and Misty are originally from Mexico. In 2006, Alejandro was granted his United States citizenship.

The couple say they are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Habitat and finally have a home of their own.

Bruno and Patience K.

Homeowner #994 - Bruno and Patience come from Cameroon and have worked hard to make a new life in their new country. Bruno works for Home Depot and Patience is a certified nursing assistant at a local skilled nursing facility.

They say their new home is the fulfillment of a life-long dream.

Edgar and Yolanda R.

Homeowner #993 - Edgar and Yolanda began their life together in a small apartment and progressed to purchasing a small trailer home. As the kids grew it became apparent that this was not sufficient space in which to raise a family. They went back to renting, but were paying as much as they would for a house payment.

This led them to apply for Section 8 housing. Although that was a financial blessing, the environment was not good for their family: drugs, parking lot brawls and even occasional shootouts. Their new home holds the promise of providing a better future for their family.

Emiliano and Maria N.

Homeowner #992 - Emiliano works for Fox Building Supplies and Maria works at a local high school. Owning their own home has been a dream they’ve had for a long time.

Emiliano and Maria say they are looking forward to the stability that their own home will provide their family.

Deztinii H.

Homeowner #991 - Deztinii received her degree in Healthcare Administration last spring and works for OU Physicians Health & Wellness Clinic. She is a single Mom with three beautiful children.

Deztinii said “Since having kids I knew it was my responsibility to provide nothing but the best and the first thing was being able to raise them in a stable home that we could call ours in a safe environment.” Habitat is happy to help make that happen.

Ricardo and Alexandra B.

Homeowner #990 - Ricardo and Alexandra came to the United States about six years ago from Columbia. They waited a long 13 years while approval of their immigration worked its way through a complex process.

To Ricardo and Alexandra, a home “gives us the opportunity to give our kids a better emotional stability and a high sense of belonging which, surely, may increase their self-esteem.” Their new home will give them all a sense of security for the family’s future.

Rachid K. and Zahira B.

Homeowner #989 - Rachid and Zahira are both from Morocco. Rachid came 18 years ago and became a U.S. citizen in 2008. Zahira came to live in the United States four years ago.

They have two young sons and feel their new Habitat home will make a big difference in the life of their family.

Paul and Starla C.

Homeowner #988 - Paul and Starla met in university. Starla is from Oklahoma and has always known that this is where she wanted to raise a family. Paul is from The Bahamas and fell in love with Oklahoma while here completing his master’s degree.

Starla says their new home gives them the opportunity to plant roots and have a forever home. She says “Habitat for Humanity will be carved into our family tree and enhance our family legacy.”

Suan K. and Cing N.

Homeowner #987 - Suan is employed as a machine operator and Cing is a stay-at-home Mom taking care of their two young children.

The couple came from Burma and are very happy taking the next step toward their American Dream with the ownership of their own Habitat home.

EnriQue and Courtney R.

Homeowner #986 - EnriQue and Courtney feel their new home will give them a stable environment that will help improve their family’s stability, health and finances.

They look forward to having a yard where their kids can play – “a dream come true”.

Kodi H.

Homeowner #985 - When Kodi became a single Mom over 8 years ago, she started renting a house with maintenance issues that were very slow to be repaired and caused her to worry about mold. She faithfully paid her rent knowing that the money would be better spent toward owning her own home.

Kodi now has that home and is “excited to plant a garden and hold holiday festivities with my family”. She thanks Habitat and Everyone for their help.

Ana M.

Homeowner #984 - Ana is a single Mom with two sons. She is a brazing expert – creating the metal components that are used in geothermal heating and air conditioning systems.

Ana says she has dreamed for years of owning her own home and is thrilled to have it finally become a reality for her family.

Angela P.

Homeowner #983 - Angela came to our country from Venezuela about four years ago with the dream of providing a decent home for her kids. She appreciated the experience of being able to do volunteer hours and know that she contributed to the construction of her home.

Angela wanted a place where they all could have privacy and where she and her kids would have a backyard to play in. She says “I am very happy. Thank you so much.”

Irma C.

Homeowner #982 - Irma is a widow with three children. She comes from Mexico and now works as an orderly with a local nursing home.

She is very happy to have a stable home for her children and a chance for them to have a better life.

Micaela O.

Homeowner #981 - Micaela is originally from Mexico. She is mother to a grown son and a daughter with special needs.

She works hard and is very excited to finally have a home for her family.

Jose G. and Alejandra J.

Homeowner #980 - Jose and Alejandra were paying a very high rent for an apartment that wasn’t big enough for their young family.

Now they are thrilled to have their own home where everyone can have their own space.

Thang M. and Nem C.

Homeowner #979 - Thang and Nem are proud parents of two children.

They immigrated to the United States from Burma and are very excited to join the Habitat family.

Maria M.

Homeowner #978 - Maria is the mother of three sons and just celebrated the birth of her first grandchild. Maria makes delicious homemade tamales and flour tortilla.

Throughout the construction of her new home, she kept the Habitat crew very well fed.

Valentin and Aurora C.

Homeowner #977 - Valentin is a supervisor with a local construction company and Aurora is a stay-at-home Mom.

They are thrilled to have a home in a safe neighborhood with space for their family to grow and thrive.

Salomon R. and Angela L.

Homeowner #976 - Salomon and Angela immigrated to the United States from Mexico in search of a better life. With them they brought a lifelong dream to one day own their own home.

Habitat has helped them realize that dream.

Luke P. and Cin N.

Homeowner #975 -
This family also comes from Burma. Luke became a United States citizen in 2015.

Luke and Cin are thrilled to have their own home where their family flourish.

Thang P. and Nuam D.

Homeowner #974 - This couple came to the United States from Burma.

After living in an apartment in an unsafe neighborhood, Thang and Nuam look forward to greater safety and peace of mind in their new home.

Reniery E.

Homeowner #973 - Reniery received his medical training and was a university professor of medicine in Honduras before immigrating to the United States.

Now he is the Nutrition and Wellness Coordinator at Latino Community Development Association.

Adolfo S. and Gregoria C.

Homeowner #972 - Adolfo and Gregoria fled Mexico when Gregoria’s bakery was targeted by a drug cartel. They have been legal residents of the United States for several years now.

Both feel their Habitat home will provide them safety and security which will allow them to begin rebuilding Gregoria’s bakery business.

Elizabeth H.

Homeowner #971 - Elizabeth is the mother of four children and is a licensed practical nurse who works with the elderly.

To this family, a home “means everyone having a space to enjoy activities (indoor/outdoor) and also a personal quiet space when needed”.

Tonya T.

Homeowner #970 - Tonya is employed as a cook for a local organization that provides services for children and adults with disabilities and special needs. She has two sons, the oldest has Autism.

Her new home will allow the three of them to flourish in a positive, more stable environment.

Thang M. and Niang S.

Homeowner #969 - Thang is a machine operator and Niang works full time as a Mom.

After being cramped in a two-bedroom apartment, they are happy to have a new home with space for their family.

Matthew and Stephanie C.

Homeowner #968 - Matthew, Stephanie and their three children have been living in an unsafe environment that had multiple safety issues – not the least of which was mold.

They are thrilled to now have a home that is safe, affordable, and will provide their family a brighter future.

Ariel B.

Homeowner #967 - Ariel will tell you that her life hit “bottom” when she was 25. It was then that she made the decision to turn her life around.

Now she stays involved with the programs that helped her and makes “an effort to mentor and be there for the women that are going through what I went through.” She now has a new home where she can offer safety and stability to her son. Together they can build a future with wonderful family memories.

Jaime and Juana G.

Homeowner #966 - Jaime and Juana are from Mexico.

They are excited to have a home with more space where their children can grow up.

Kam M. and Huai N.

Homeowner #965 - Kam and Huai came from Malaysia to live in the United States. They are excited to have a house in a safe neighborhood where they can raise their daughters and son.

They say “Our Habitat home will help us to be where we need to be as a family.”

Sussy B.

Homeowner #964 - Sussy has worked in the Oklahoma Public School system since 2006.

She looks forward to raising her daughter in their own home in a safe neighborhood with good schools.

Francisco L. and Anayeli R.

Homeowner #963 - Francisco and Anayeli came to the United States from Mexico. Francisco is a machine operator for an oilfield support company and Anayeli is a stay-at-home Mom.

They are excited at the opportunity of providing a better future for their family that owning their own home gives them.

Nereyda M.

Homeowner #962 - Nereyda and her children have been renting for a long time. Her dream was to have a stable environment where her family could feel safe.

Nereyda is a project manager with the Oklahoma Housing Authority so it seems fitting that she now has a new home to call her own.

Tania Perez B.

Homeowner #961 - Due to unexpected life circumstances, Tania has become the head of her extended family.

She says her new Habitat home “will be a place of happiness and security. Not only for my family, but for friends. Without a doubt, a huge gift from God.”

Van U. and Khun D.

Homeowner #960 - Van and Khun are from Mayanmar. Shortly after they were married, Van came to the United State. It took another three years before Khun was able to join him and they eventually became U.S. citizens.

They now have three children. They needed a safe area with good schools where they could raise their family. Van thanks God, the U.S.A. and Habitat for making his dreams come true.

Ernest M.

Homeowner #959 -
Ernest says after a life with “many mistakes and missed opportunities”, he finally feels like he is on the right track.

His new Habitat home will give him greater stability and confidence as he continues his positive journey forward.

Jeffrey and Flor E.

Homeowner #958 - Jeffrey and Flor lived in a small mobile home before getting their Habitat home.

They now have a home with space for their family to grow in a safe neighborhood and their young son has his own back yard to play in.

Lal C. and Ngun B.

Homeowner #957 - Lal and Ngun left Burma to build a new life for themselves and their family.

After living in a cramped apartment, they are very excited to have their own home where they can raise their children.

Desire and Chanceline F.

Homeowner #956 - This couple came from Cameroon to make Oklahoma City their home. Chanceline served in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. Both Desire and Chanceline work in the medical profession.

Their goal was “to find a bigger place that’s safe for our kids and where they can concentrate on their education.”

Robert and Anika M.

Homeowner #955 - Robert and Anika have two boys. They are grateful for the opportunities their new Habitat home offers their family.

He says “We are all going to need help throughout life no matter what it is. Providing a helping hand in the community is a great service.” Robert set two goals for himself: marry Anika and own his own home before the age of 30. He sees these accomplishments as “honestly amazing”.