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Thrift store shopping has been popular for a long time. Consumers turn to shopping at thrift stores for various reasons, the most common of which is to save money. For many of your basic household needs, you may very well find a never-used or gently-used item for a better price than you would at your average discount store. Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore and Donation Center in Oklahoma City offers items such as bookshelves, bedroom furniture, microwaves, lamps, sofas, chairs, dining tables, washers and dryers, dishes, household appliances, bunk beds, office desks, and more for a fraction of the retail price and in a clean, well-organized store.

Thrifting is fun and cheap, and thrifting at ReStore also doubles as a gift back to the community, since Habitat for Humanity ReStore proceeds are used to help build or improve homes for those in need. Families partner with Habitat for Humanity in the U.S. and around the world to build better lives for themselves and their children. Initiatives include home construction, neighborhood revitalization, disaster response, and financial education. In addition to giving back to the community by supporting Habitat for Humanity’s initiatives, purchasing items at ReStore also helps to keep perfectly usable goods out of landfills and incinerators.

ReStore also sets itself apart in providing a superior shopping experience. Shopping at ReStore is a major upgrade over your average thrift store. The stores are set up as partly home improvement store, home goods store, and resale store, offering a wide selection that changes regularly as new items are added to stock.

In addition to attracting those who want to save money, ReStore also attracts do-it-yourself designers, homeowners, renters, contractors, interior designers, environmentalists, and treasure hunters. Some of the reasons for them to shop at ReStore include:

• Finding designer items, vintage items, and even antiques and collectibles.
• A constantly changing selection, sometimes from one day to the next.
• Taking a trip down memory lane, seeing things from your childhood or prior.
• Instilling good spending habits in your children by showing them that you can find good products while saving money.
• ReStore shopping is like going on a treasure hunt, which makes it fun.
• Exploring diverse styles all in one place and far away from the mainstream trends of regular stores.
• ReStores can help you set up your home on a budget, which is especially helpful for those moving into their first home.
• ReStores are the DIY designer’s go-to as you can find a multitude of basic materials to work with.
• Unique gifts
• Discontinued items
• Avoiding the crowds at the mall

Whether you are looking for a fun activity to take part in, or a place to source materials to do a project with friends, Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore has plenty of thrifty buys for you to discover. Stop by today!

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