United States Navy

“Overall, Navy Week events give us the opportunity to visit parts of the country that don’t get a regular exposure to our branch of service. We bring in a variety of personnel and assets to showcase some of the capabilities of our service and inform the public about what their Navy is doing around the world and how those efforts support them and the local economy. We’re thrilled to be able to come to Oklahoma City and share some of the great things our Sailors are doing across the globe.

While it’s always nice to come and share our stories, some of the most rewarding parts of our Navy Weeks are finding opportunities to give back to the local communities. We’ve worked with Habitat for Humanity in dozens of cities across the U.S. and each time we leave feeling like we’ve really made a difference. It doesn’t matter what type of profession the Sailors does in the fleet each day, when you give them a mission to complete, you’ll find they can adapt to any situation and get the job done. The Habitat projects are a perfect example of that. Service to others is an inherent quality of our Sailors and naturally part of our culture in the Navy. We’re in a unique position here in Oklahoma City because we actually have around 1,300 Sailors stationed at Tinker Air Force Base and they’ll be able to take part in this week’s project.

We’re fortunate to be here and the citizens of Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas will have the opportunity during Navy Week to see a small snapshot of the pride and professionalism that our Sailors exhibit on a daily basis.” – David Carter