Mt. St. Mary’s

1. How long have you been helping Habitat for Humanity?
13 years

2. What is your favorite thing about volunteering for Habitat for Humanity?
Working with the students and knowing we are helping a family who is trying to make it financially.

3. Have you ever met or talked to anyone who has been helped by this organization? If so, what was that experience like?
I was able to meet the homeowner of a house whose yard we sodded. They were so appreciative and were grateful that we could say thank you to those who helped made this new home a reality for them and their family.

4. What is your best memory of when you volunteered for this organization?
It was this same day, when the workers of Habitat worried we would not be finished with all the work before the house dedication….all our MSM students really worked extra hard and together to finish it all up. It was a great day.

5. What made you reach out to volunteer for a non-profit like Habitat for Humanity?
They are one of the few organizations that are able to take a group of 100 all at one time. It also is a great organization that helps so many families in Oklahoma.

6. Is there anything you have gained/learned by volunteering?
I can see by experience that when people come to help another, a beautiful sense of peace and joy is experienced by all involved. I learned that it truly is better to give than receive.

7. What kind of work does this organization usually do?
They provide 0% interest loans on a home that the family only pays the actual cost of the home. This gives these families a big help to afford a home in a great neighborhood that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

8. What makes Habitat for Humanity stand out as opposed to other non-profits?
What stands out for us here at the Mount is their ability to take a whole class for a day and work alongside us for the greater benefit of another. They have been so fun and easy to work with. We have become like family with them. Whenever we see the workers each year, they recognise us by name and give hugs as we leave.

Brian Boeckman, Theology Department, Campus Ministry