Aaron P. and Jelaimy S. said they were excited about their new baby girl, their son's pending birthday and their new Habitat home during a Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity home dedication celebration on Nov. 30, 2024, in southwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Jelaimy S. and Aaron P.

Homeowner #1089 – Young parents, Jelaimy S. and Aaron P., along with their son, Gael, had high expectations on Nov. 30, 2023, before moving into their new Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity (COHFH) home in southwest Oklahoma City.

In fact, the young couple said during their home dedication that they were expecting a baby girl in a few weeks and Gael’s pending third birthday.

Jelaimy S. said COHFH made the process of applying for Habitat’s New Home Construction program and subsequently fulfilling the program’s needed requirements as “very easy.”

“They (COHFH) helped us a lot to get approved and everything,” Jelaimy S. said. “They explained and went out and above to make this possible for us. We’re excited!”

Aaron P. agreed.

“It’s like a dream, right?” Aaron P. said. “Now, Habitat is part of the family, and we appreciate it.”

Jelaimy S. and Aaron P. became parents again a few weeks later when she gave birth to a baby girl in mid-December.