Mr. Charles G, a retired and disabled U.S. Army veteran was helped by home-build sponsor Kimray Inc.

Mr. Charles G.

Homeowner #1087 – Charles G., a disabled U.S. Army veteran, recently realized his lifelong goal of owning his own home. He celebrated with Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity (COHFH), members of the community and many volunteers from Kimray Inc., the company that helped build the home, during a home dedication celebration on Oct. 12, 2023, in northeast Oklahoma City.

Charles G. had volunteered for Habitat before and always wanted to participate in the New Home Construction program, but had to wait until he made enough income as a retired veteran on disability to qualify. When his income level rose, he applied. Tinker Federal Credit Union volunteers, friends and family also generously helped the retired veteran fulfill his 100 sweat-equity hours.

“Don’t be scared of the (Habitat application) process,” Charles G. said. “Just keep your paperwork in order and you won’t have no problem.”

Kimray Inc. CEO Thomas Hill III said his company first partnered with COHFH 21 years ago and Charles G.’s house is the third full-home sponsorship supported by the company. Kimray Inc. also previously sponsored two half-home sponsorships over the years.

“Our mission is ‘Making a Difference in the Lives of Those We Serve,’ ” Thomas Hill III said. “When our employees volunteer at a house framing, we’re reminded that we don’t just run machines, assemble parts, ship products or push paper. We go to work to make a positive difference in
people’s lives.”