Three generations of a family recently bought a Habitat home in Midwest City.

Tabitha and Anita R.

Homeowner #1085 – Three generations of the Tabitha and Anita R. family moved into a new COHFH home after a home dedication celebration on Sept. 21, 2023, in Midwest City. The family of four was later featured on a local TV broadcast and in various newspapers.

Anita R., her daughter, Tabitha R. and Tabitha’s two sons, Jordan and Kyle, now reside in the new home and they’re all happy to have their own backyard. Before moving, Tabitha and her children had lived for about 10 years in a cramped two-bedroom apartment. After the birth of her youngest son, Tabitha R. promised her oldest she’d work hard to pay off her bills and improve her credit score in order to get them a home of their own.

“Three years later we made it,” Tabitha R. said.

The women learned about COHFH from Anita’s other daughter, Leah H., who bought a Habitat home three years ago in Blanchard, Oklahoma. Both Anita R. and Tabitha R. helped to build their own home and enjoyed working on other homes as they fulfilled COHFH’s 100-hour sweat-equity requirement.

“We are loving our new home,” Tabitha R. said. “The boys are loving their own rooms and Mom is doing amazing. We are just loving it!”