Kiona R.-M. and Robert "Tony" celebrated their home dedication with their two children, Central Oklahoma Habitat and community leaders during a recent event in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

Kiona R.-M. and Robert “Tony” M. 

Homeowner #1082 – As the parents of an active pair of little children, Kiona R.-M., and her husband, Robert “Tony” M., used to sit and talk about their dream of owning their own home – knowing in their hearts that homeownership could “change their lives” for the better.

During the more than seven years they rented, they sometimes worried about what would happen if their children decided to put their “artwork on the walls” of their rental home. They also dealt with the hassles of waiting for a landlord to repair problems. As a family, they both wanted the stability of having their own place, as well as the opportunity to build generational wealth.

Tony M., a U.S. Department of Defense employee, wrote in his family’s application to purchase a home with Habitat, that he and Kiona consider homeownership as a “major step” into adulthood.

“A home is something we can pass down for generations to come,” Tony M. stated.

Kiona R.-M. stated that she was excited to learn how houses were built and maintained, while Tony M. enjoys working with his hands on projects like flooring. The family fulfilled their sweat equity requirements before they bought their home and said they both learned a great deal about building and caring for a new home.

The family celebrated their new home dedication in Midwest City, Oklahoma, with Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity (COHFH) and invited guests on July 27, 2023. They said they were grateful to receive the house keys from COHFH Chair/CEO Ann Felton Gilliland.

“Dealing with landlords is never any fun and rent is a hassle,” Tony M. said, after thanking Habitat and guests. “I know this is something we’ve been wanting – a home of our own. Now, we don’t have to worry about that anymore. We’re finally home … finally!”