COHFH Rebecca and Marty W


Homeowner #1070- Marty and his son had been house hunting for a new home in central Oklahoma for two years without any luck. Until one day, Marty was shopping in the Southside ReStore location at his grandma’s recommendation and saw a Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity (COHFH) New Home Construction ad that would reshape the family’s future.   

Marty said many things about The New Home Construction program caught his attention, encouraging him to apply.  

“It advertised a brand-new home,” Marty said. “I had tried everything else without any luck, so when I applied for the program and got accepted it was very exciting.”   

Marty is a father to an active 6-year-old son. He explains the impact his son had on his decision to apply for the new home construction program.  

”I wanted a home for my son and had been looking for a long time,” Marty said. “Our new home means everything and represents a new beginning for our family.”  

After Marty completed the application and qualified for his Habitat home, he attended home-ownership classes and completed 100 hours of sweat-equity hours. Marty completed his commitment by volunteering with all of COHFH’s programs. 

 “I worked with new construction, critical home repair and in the ReStore,” he said. “While completing my sweat equity, I had a great experience, met great people and learned a lot.”  

Marty said all the work he completed before buying his home was well worth it.   

“I’m so thankful for this program, it has truly been a blessing for me and my family – something we’ve always wanted,” he said. “I’d like to give a special thanks to Habitat and Jesus Christ.”  

Marty and his son moved into their new house in February 2023. Although they’re still unpacking, they have also begun decorating to make their house feel like a home.   

He said his son is excited they are decorating his room and making the space his own.  

“He’s also just started asking for a dog,” Marty said. “He loves puppies, so that’s something we might have to add once we’re settled.”  

COHFH Board Chair/CEO Ann Felton Gilliland said applicants like Marty and his son are an excellent example of what Central Oklahoma Habitat is looking for when selecting qualified applicants for its new Habitat home program.  

“Applicants like Marty and his son are the reason we are so passionate about what we do,” Felton Gilliland said. “As a Christian-based housing ministry serving limited-income families in central Oklahoma, we believe in giving hard-working Oklahoma City area families a hand-up and not a handout.”