Desiree T.

Homeowner #1052 –

Desiree wrote “It has always been a personal goal of mine to be a homeowner.  I have always loved the thought of knowing that my own home is a place that can illustrate me inside and outside.  A home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams!  I love that when I look at my house, I get to see my dreams in a physical form every day!  My son is growing up so fast and knowing that I have been blessed with this opportunity to give him a place of growth and stability means the world to me. This whole process is for him! I am a single mother and knowing that I have this opportunity to make a home for my son, I do not take it lightly nor for granted.”

She continued “My future goal in homeownership is that it is an investment into my future and a key piece in achieving my financial health and security.  I plan to always stay on top of my commitment to this process and stay on top of my priorities and what is expected of me.  I plan to always do my part to help others and to make this a great experience.  It will be a memorable part of my homeownership story.  I always want to help and be of assistance wherever and whenever I can!”