Ana V.

Homeowner #1051 – Ana is a single mother of three wonderful children who mean the world to her.  She shared her struggles with a coworker about how hard it is to save money to buy a house and how much she would love for her children to have a backyard to play in, a place they could call home.  Ana states “sadly I was in an apartment where the rent prices kept rising and were already crowded, so when my co-worker mentioned Habitat, it almost seemed too good to be true.”  Once she was approved into the program, she no longer felt hopeless.  She never thought she would get to choose the countertops, cabinets, flooring, etc.  She said “The process was smooth and easy and volunteering was so fun.  I cannot wait to see my children’s faces when they see our new house, a place where they will get to run around and make memories.  I feel grateful and thankful for this program and am very excited to be a homeowner and take new step in my life.”