Margo and Sarah S.

Homeowner #1030 – Margo is the single Mom and sole caregiver for her 29 year old daughter, Sarah.  Sarah was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus and needs an environment that accommodates her special needs.  In 2005, they found the perfect duplex to rent and Sarah was able to begin to do many things for herself that she had never been able to do before.  She was beginning to find her independence.  Their landlord became “family” and life was good.  Unfortunately, when he died last year, it looked like they would have to find a new home.  That is when a friend told Margo about Habitat for Humanity.  She checked out a COHFH community and was so impressed she immediately asked for an application.  Now Margo and Sarah have their new home that was built specifically to fit their needs.  Margo says “My goal in life is to be the very best caregiver for Sarah and to make sure she has a full, comfortable and happy life.  Knowing she will have a permanent home that will be all hers after I am gone is a dream come true.”