Meet Our Families

Meet some of the Central Oklahoma Habitat families who have worked hard toward homeownership.

Ndibmun and Agnes F.

Homeowner #885 – This is a family with two young children who will benefit from living in a home with a yard to play in and a safe neighborhood in which to grow up.

Ndibmun and Agnes say “We are happy to be part of the Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity family.”

Neng T. and Thang H.

Homeowner #884 – This hard working couple were crowded in a 2 bedroom apartment with their 3 sons. When Neng’s parents joined them in the United States to help care for their young children, the family became desperate for more space.

Now the family has 4 bedrooms, a large living room and a big yard. Neng and Thang thank Habitat for giving them the opportunity of making their wish come true.

Octavio and Patricia F.

Homeowner #883 – Octavio, Patricia and their children have been together in the United States for seven years. They’ve always had the desire to own their own home and never gave up believing “if you want it, you can do it”.

Their dream has been fulfilled and they say “God bless you for helping people who really need it!”

Adil S. and Fatima B.

Homeowner #882 – Adil and Fatima say, “We were so blessed when we got approved by the Habitat board because we wanted to have a home for our family and be part of the community”.

The family thanks Habitat for giving them this opportunity of home ownership.

Hammou O. and Nadia F.

Homeowner #881 – Hammou came to the United States in 2009. He started building a new life for himself: found a job, learned English, went to school, made new friends. Nadia joined him here in 2015.

From the heart, they wrote – “Thanks Habitat for this opportunity, thanks everyone who donated, everyone who participated, everyone who built ….. Thanks to all of You.”

Thang K. and Ciang C.

Homeowner #880 – This family came to the United States from Burma. Their Habitat home represents good things to them. Thang feels it will be good for their health – “we can breathe fresh air in our own house”.

The house also means safety, freedom and a happy family.

Lang K. and Niang H.

Homeowner #879 – To this family, their new home represents a great start toward a successful life and better future for their children.

Lang wrote, “The Habitat home is a big blessing for my family. Thank You.”

Blayden and Makayla D.

Homeowner #878 – This young couple are one of the first Habitat homeowners to get a home built under the new “Fortified Homes” program. Blayden is a foreman for a local construction company and Makayla works as a Nurse Assistant.

They thank Habitat for giving them the opportunity to own their own home in which to raise their son.

Hunter and Shelby C.

Homeowner #877 – Hunter and Shelby see their new Habitat home as a blessing and a life changing opportunity.

They feel it will provide a stable foundation on which to build a wonderful life and let their goals and dreams take flight.

Dustin G.

Homeowner #876 – In 2000, Dustin graduated high school in Seminole, Oklahoma. He joined the Army’s Delta 179th Artillery Division in 2002 and continued to serve in the Oklahoma 45th & 160th National Guard Artillery until 2011.

Dustin feels “Habitat has been a blessing” and is thankful for the opportunity to own his own home.

Larry C. and Rebecca B.

Homeowner #875 – Larry, Rebecca and their two daughters see their new home as a place where the family can grow and bury roots – a place where they can feel safe and create unforgettable memories.

They say, “This place is going to be Our Home!”

Dorothy W.

Homeowner #874 – Dorothy is a single mother who wants to provide her son a stable environment where they can build beautiful memories, grow and “become more, so that we can give more to others”.

In her son’s words, “This means the life we are going to live, we are going to get pets and they are going to have a great life there. We can be happy forever!”

Maria and Fidel R.

Homeowner #873 – Maria and her son, Fidel, are sharing the responsibility of home ownership to provide a safe environment for her daughter, his sister.

They are very grateful to Habitat for giving them this opportunity and want to thank all who helped with the building of their new home.

Trenna G.

Homeowner #872 – Trenna is the mother of 4 grown children and the grandmother of 10, with another one due in May. She shares her home with “Lil-girl”, her Yorkie companion.

For 5 years she lived in an apartment off a busy street that didn’t provide a good place for her grandchildren or her dog to play outside.  Now she has her own yard as well as a park.  She says “Thank you Habitat and may God bless you all”.

Marian A.

Homeowner #871 – Marian and her mother, Theresa, migrated to the United States in 1993 from Ghana. Marian’s dream was to go to college and get a bachelor degree.

She came to learn that owning a home was the “American Dream”, but didn’t think much about it since it seemed a very unlikely goal for her – until a friend explained the Habitat concept of home ownership.  She says “So, you can imagine my shock and awe, excitement as well, when I was approved”.  Marian thanks Habitat and all the volunteers and says “God richly bless you all”. 

Tom and Marilyn B.

Homeowner #870 – Tom is a Vietnam vet. He and Marilyn moved to Oklahoma City in 1982, started their own business and raised four kids.

They are happy that the money they used to pay in rent will now go toward paying for their own home.

Jamesetta L.

Homeowner #869 – Jamesetta says “It has been my dream to own a home so I can give my child stability!”

She applied for a conventional mortgage, but was denied.  She is grateful to Habitat for the opportunity to attain this “major life goal”. 

Lian T. and Ning N.

Homeowner #868 – Lian feels his new Habitat home will provide his family a happier, more comfortable life. It will take away that yearly event – a rise in rent.

Lian says “I think that community service is very important and I am so excited that I will be able to do it.” 

Noe and Ana S.

Homeowner #867 – Noe and Ana were the parents of a growing family – a growing family that needed more room – when a family member told them about the Habitat program.

Noe says “It’s nice to see my children feel the joy of having their own bedrooms.  Thank you Habitat for making our dreams come true.” 

Tina W.

Homeowner #866 – Tina wrote “This home will make all the difference to me. I will feel a sense of accomplishment as well as not pay rent or live in someone else’s home ever again.”

She ended her bio with a heartfelt “Thank You very much”.  

Shirley H.

Homeowner #865 – Shirley, with the help of her two daughters and several of her grandchildren, faithfully worked on her sweat equity hours.

She has thought of owning her own home for many years and thanks Habitat for giving her the opportunity to realize that dream.

Rocky and Camille B.

Homeowner #864 – Rocky and Camille feel that the Habitat home ownership process has “been an eye opener”, challenging them to be better stewards of their income and pay closer attention to their credit.

Rocky wrote “We are blown away with the generosity of Habitat for Humanity and truly thankful for this awesome blessing.  Thank you so much for giving us a shot at the American Dream”.  

Khai Z. and Ciang S.

Homeowner #863 – Khai and Ciang came to the U.S. as refugees from Burma in 2012. They believe their new home will open a path that will allow them to meet other important goals in their lives.

Khai said, “Words cannot describe how grateful we are to God and to Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity for  providing this wonderful home for us”. 

Nai T. and Mi N.

Homeowner #862 – Nai and Mi have two young children and are awaiting the arrival of their third.

This young family now has a home with a backyard and a neighborhood park where the kids can play, grow and thrive.  Nai and Mi thank Habitat for “this opportunity for Home Ownership”.

Miriam M.

Homeowner #861 – Miriam and her two daughters look forward to the privacy their new home will give them.

They want to do yard work, plant flowers and make a garden.  They want to make a real home for themselves. 

In P. and Ma K.

Homeowner #860 – This young family came to the United States from Burma in 2013.

In and Ma say, “We work hard and we know this home will change our family in many ways.  We thank Habitat for this opportunity of owning a home.”

Monsuru and Abibat O.

Homeowner #859 – Monsuru, Abibat and their three children came from Nigeria to live in Oklahoma City several years ago.

They are very excited about their new home, the opportunity to become part of a community and to begin the next phase of their life.  They thanked Habitat for the “awesome opportunity of ownership”. 

Maria P.

Homeowner #858 – Maria has worked since she was 12 years old, living her life “paycheck to paycheck”.

She has raised 4 daughters – three are married and one still lives with her.  To Maria, her Habitat home is a place where they can “live comfortable in our own home”.  

Jose and Maria M.

Homeowner #857 – Jose, Maria and their children are looking forward to creating family memories in their new home.

They thank Habitat for the opportunity to live in a safe community in a good public school system. 

Abdel S.

Homeowner #856 – Abdel came from Morocco to become a U.S. citizen. He lived in the same apartment complex for nine years – his rent going up every year as his neighborhood became increasingly unsafe.

He said “I want to invest in buying a home so in the future I can start a family.  Thank you Habitat for approving me and helping me with this life goal.” 

DeAnne G.

Homeowner #855 – When Habitat called and told DeAnne she had been approved for homeownership she felt all her prayers had been answered.

DeAnne says, “They say hard work pays off and I feel I’ve worked hard to be a homeowner.  I’ve been highly blessed over the past year and wanted to find something that my children and I could do to give back.  The Habitat Program is a perfect way for us to begin our new journey in life and give back to the community.” 

Mohammed and Ilham M.

Homeowner #854 – Mohammed and Ilham came to the United States from Morocco 7 years ago. After having their son, they wanted to live the “American Dream”.

They wanted to own their own home with a backyard where their kids could grow and play.  They also see their new home as a place they can start building memories that will last a lifetime. 

Michael I.

Homeowner #853 – Michael is very proud of the years he spent in the USAF when he was a young man and is excited about his new Habitat home.

He already has a vision of his role in the community – “I like to walk the dogs all around and see how everyone is doing, sort of a friendly security check”. 

Liana B.

Homeowner #852 – Liana and her daughter lived in an apartment. She watched her already high rent increase on a yearly basis.

When Liana applied for the Habitat program she believed “if this is God’s will for my daughter and I to have our home, then He will provide this place for us”.

Liza E.

Homeowner #851 – Liza knows that, statistically, family homeownership pays dividends in a child’s life. She can quote the numbers: 9% higher in math achievement, 7% higher in reading achievement and 1% to 3% lower in behavioral problems.

This is what she wants for her young daughter.  Liza also sees homeownership as an opportunity to find lifelong friendships in her new neighborhood and set an example to her daughters of what you can accomplish in your life. 

Nikoleta B.

Homeowner #850 – Nikoleta provides a home for her two sons as well as her parents. She says, “Owning our place will give us a sense of security and a stable environment to call home. We are so grateful to Habitat for giving us this opportunity!”

Jose and Luz P.

Homeowner #849 – This is a couple that spent most of their married life separated by a border. Jose had permanent residence status in the United States, Luz did not. Luz spent many years in Mexico raising their children and waiting for the day they would be able to live as a family – in one house, in one country.

Two years ago their patience was rewarded – Jose now has his family with him.  With the help of Habitat, the dream of having their own home has come true.  Luz says “In this house we will start a new life full of love, companionship and we will move forward with our lives.”

Socorro M.

Homeowner #848 – Socorro is a widow, Mother to five and Grandmother to five.

She thanks Habitat for the opportunity to make a home for her grandchildren and to live the “American Dream”.

Alberto and Maria G.

Homeowner #847 – In the first 15 years of their marriage, this couple lived apart while Alberto worked to get Maria’s US residency processed. Love and patience kept them together through those years of separation.

At that time, the dream of one day owning their own home seemed impossible to imagine.  When they learned about the Habitat for Humanity program their hearts were filled with joy.  They feel their new role as homeowners gives them the opportunity and challenge to improve their lives in many ways.

Omar and Maribel H.

Homeowner #846 – It was hard for Omar and Maribel to leave their families in Chihuahua, Mexico, and come to Oklahoma in 2012, but they say “living here has helped us have a better future and has been the best decision we ever made”.

Habitat has helped them reach a goal “that our son and future kids will benefit from!” 

David and Sarai R.

Homeowner #845 – David and Sarai felt the high rent they were paying for a small apartment would be a much better investment if it were going towards their own home.

They thank Habitat “for this program so that we can actually have a place to call home”. 

Kevin W.

Homeowner #844 – After being injured at his job, Kevin was concerned for his and his family’s future – how would he be able to provide them a place called “home”.

A television ad for Habitat for Humanity held the key for his future.  Kevin now is the proud owner of his own home.

Kristina E.

Homeowner #843 – When applying for the Habitat program, Kristina wrote “I would like for my son to have a backyard to play in and a place we can call home and not worry about rent increases!”

Maria W.

Homeowner #842 – This family’s dream of owning their own home has finally come true.

Maria can finally have a garden full of flowers and get her kids the dog they have wanted for such a long time.  They say, “Thank you God!!!” and “Thank you Habitat for Humanity!!!” 

Biff an Charity B.

Homeowner #841 – Biff and Charity are very grateful for the opportunity to become first time homeowners.

They say “Going through the Habitat program, my family is now able to grow up in a stable environment, which has also strengthened our marriage and faith tremendously”.  

Lakeisha H.

Homeowner #840 – “Bye, Bye rent, Hello mortgage!”

Lakeisha wants to have her own home where she knows she and her family will always have a place to lay their heads.  She feels “truly blessed and very grateful for this opportunity”. 

Jeannette and Raul B.

Homeowner #839 – When Raul and Jeannette first got married they shared an apartment with another family because they could not afford a place of their own.

When a friend at school told Jeannette about Habitat, she “felt great motivation and joy to imagine the house of my dreams”.  They now have a place where they will be able to get to know their neighbors and feel comfortable letting their kids go out to play.  

Kevin and Marrae W.

Homeowner #838 – This family has lived in a small three bedroom duplex for the last eight years.

They are excited to now have a home where they can become a part of a community and begin the next phase of their lives.  They thank Habitat for this “awesome opportunity  for home ownership”.

Jamal and Latifa D.

Homeowner #837 – In 2008, Jamal came from Morocco to make his home in Oklahoma City.

He feels his Habitat home will allow him to provide the safe, quiet, stable environment he wants for his family.