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Holiday Giving Tips

The year-end holidays are a time of reflection that inspire many people to reach out to those who are in need. To qualify for a tax deduction in the current calendar year, donors also must make their yearly giving decisions by December 31st. As a result, a tremendous amount of charitable giving occurs between #GivingTuesday, which is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and the end of the year.

As you consider which charities to support this year, remember there are close to two million of them. That means you can choose an organization that is a perfect match for your beliefs and goals. No matter what cause you want to support – whether it is providing humanitarian aid to disaster victims, helping our returning troops find work, building homes, or finding a cure for a particular disease – there’s a charity out there that matches your intentions. Take the time to find it and confirm it offers the programs and services that match your charitable interests.

As a donor, sometimes you are given the choice to designate your contributions for specific projects and purposes. While this may be ideal for disaster giving, don’t be the roadblock in your favorite charity’s quest to do good work. Take the time to research your charity so that you can trust them. Then give an unrestricted gift so the charity has the flexibility to respond to changing demands for its services and to spend the money where it is most needed to continue their day-to-day good work.

Be sure to cover your due diligence and check out the charity’s finances and determine if they are fiscally responsible and ethical. Financially healthy organizations are those that are both financially efficient and sustainable and have greater flexibility and freedom to pursue their charitable mission. Ensure the charity is accountable and transparent because charities that are an open book and follow good governance practices are less likely to engage in unethical or irresponsible activities.

If you choose to participate in the year-end charitable giving season, then we encourage you to take the time to ensure that your donations are doing the most good for the causes you care about this season. Many local Oklahoma charities would welcome your seasonal gift with Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity (COHFH) counted among them. If you would like to discuss giving options with COHFH, be sure to contact a representative at (405) 232-4828
who will walk you through the various donation options available.

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