Habitat Prays for Hurricane Victims and First Responders

Hurricanes have wreaked havoc these past weeks and will continue to affect those in the collision path for weeks to come. The communities of the world have watched the weather unfold in the gulf and Caribbean with bated breath while nations have bonded together under one goal: to save and protect lives.

Recovery efforts are in full force after the destruction of Hurricane Harvey while emergency crews brace for the full impact of Hurricane Irma.

Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity wishes to commend all those individuals assisting with the unimaginable, relentless, and heart-wrenching devastation of these hurricanes. Their sacrifices are of extraordinary significance to our global community and to the alleviation of human suffering.

“Oklahoma City is no stranger to loss and the humbling effects of otherworldly natural disasters,” said Ann Felton Gilliland, CEO for Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity. “And with every loss, we mourn and then we rebuild.”

“Many have been wounded by these catastrophic events and numbers of those affected will continue to rise as we move through these heavy days of loss,” said Ann. “Compassion, moral courage, selfless collaboration and acts of kindness will continue to be the foundation of healing.”

Should you want to help, know that donation campaigns are actively receiving financial gifts and volunteer opportunities are available in affected areas. Do research prior to making any commitments to ensure you understand how your contribution will be utilized.

“Also never underestimate the enormous gift you give by simply listening,” said Ann. “Comfort can be provided to a heartbroken person by allowing them to just talk about their loss.”

Time alone will not heal but the right actions will. The light will shine again and the human spirit will endure. Habitat stands behind those impacted and will continue to extend our hearts and prayers to all those affected by these terrible storms.

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