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Get to Know More About Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity

You may think you know what the Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity (COHFH) is all about, but there is so much more to the inner workings of Habitat. From donations to home building, we love shedding a light on some of our most asked questions.

Are You Government Funded?
One of the biggest misconceptions about the Habitat for Humanity is they are government funded. The fact is we are a nonprofit, solely living off the financial donations and volunteerism from community members in Oklahoma. Many of our community members support us by shopping at the local ReStores and well as gifting us with charitable giving. We are not part of the government at all and never has been.

Do You Build High-Quality Homes?
The houses the Habitat for Humanity build undergo all the same inspections as any other home. Whether the homes are being built from the ground up or they are giving an old home new life, we strive to create beautiful designs inside and out. In some cases, the inspections can be more complex than regular home inspections. Our homes are attractive, well built and extremely energy efficient, with new home prices averaging about $119,000, plus the cost of land.

Central Oklahoma Habitat homes come with high-efficiency central heating and air conditioning, excellent insulation, optional in-ground storm shelter, and plenty of closet and kitchen storage space. New home buyers are permitted to choose their floor plan, exterior paint colors, countertops and floor coverings from patterns available through Central Oklahoma Habitat vendors.

COHFH allows volunteers to assist in the work around the home, but certain things such as electrical and plumbing, are handled by someone who is licensed for such work.

Can Only Welfare Recipients Can Apply for Housing?
COHFH makes affordable housing available for all, specifically for low income families. That doesn’t mean you must be on assistance from the government to have us help you into home ownership. We strongly believe in decreasing poverty and know that helping families obtain home ownership is an important part to solving the problem.

Did Jimmy Carter Found Organization?
While Jimmy Carter was a huge supporter of the Habitat for Humanity, he was not the originator. That role was filled by Millard Fuller in 1976. Habitat for Humanity were frontrunners for the Jimmy Carter Work Project, which brought attention for the need of affordable housing for all.

Can Anyone Apply for Homeownership?
Habitat for Humanity follows a simple criterion to determine the qualified applicants because, truly, anyone is eligible to apply for a Habitat Home. Applications are reviewed for the overall need of the applicant, their ability to realistic repay the loan, and their participation with the organization. Applicants should be able to pay toward a no-profit loan with an interest-free mortgage. COHFH offers a four-step program to get you started on your way to homeownership with Step One determining if you qualify for a Habitat Home.

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