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Financial Donations for Disaster Relief Efforts

Part of the crucial work that Habitat for Humanity is tasked with is to help communities rebuild after they are ruined. These situations can arise from natural disasters, war, and civil unrest, and each year millions of people around the globe are displaced from their homes because of them. Habitat’s disaster relief efforts come in many forms, and all are necessary to help take these communities from destruction to flourishing once again. Financial donations from individuals and groups help these disaster relief efforts in many ways.

The loss of a home can devastate even the most secure individual and create problems that ripple beyond basic shelter. To combat these problems, Habitat for Humanity focuses on a few key areas during disaster response.

Housing: Considering one of the most basic human needs is housing, this is often the first priority. Providing stable, safe, and adequate housing for those in need is paramount to disaster relief efforts.

Education: Providing education about available resources, both within Habitat’s programming and others, as well as programs that will help rebuild, is an important part of the disaster relief process.

Expertise in technical information: Ever built a house? Ever built a house after a natural disaster? Our experts help those who’ve never had to navigate such a tragic experience.

Preventative support for disaster prone communities: If we can predict natural disasters in certain parts of the country, we can do a lot of preventive work to ensure the impact is reduced.

Preparedness, regardless of season: Year-round preparedness can ensure that when disaster does strike, that measures are in place to provide the relief.

Basic human needs become a concern during natural disasters, and the Habitat for Humanity Disaster Relief program aims to support those as much as possible, in times of need.  Working together across organizations becomes more important than ever. Habitat has been a leader in Disaster Relief for several decades, and in doing so, has built partnerships with other community organizations. Locally, Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity will mobilize volunteers to help homeowners clean up their property/lots, and remove debris. When shelter and access to food are scarce, livelihoods become at stake, and families are put in tragic positions. By partnering with local organizations, Habitat can connect those in need of basic necessities with the resources to help.  Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity is an active member of the Long-term Area Recovery Committee (LARC) which arose out of the need to serve the local central Oklahoma community to connect resources after the 2013 tornados that affected so many, specifically in Moore, Oklahoma.  Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanities’ pledge was to serve during the long-term process that is takes to rebuild. Central Oklahoma Habitat still stands by their initial commitment to respond in the aftermath of future disasters.

In a more direct approach, Habitat for Humanity helps rebuild and repair homes that have been affected by natural disasters, such as storms. With the help of volunteer labor, they assist with clean up, as well as provide guidance in the rebuilding process. Financial donations allow Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity to subsidize these repairs, along with volunteer labor, and proceeds from sales at their two local ReStore retail outlets.

While most of us will never need the resources that Habitat for Humanity provides, for the families and communities that are devastated by disaster, your donations are everything. Please consider supporting our mission to being ready to help at a moment’s notice, with a tax deductible financial donation for disaster relief efforts.

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