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Easy & Inexpensive Winter Home Improvement Tips

Some homeowners believe that home improvement projects are only to be undertaken during the spring, summer or fall. However, winter home improvement projects offer slight advantages over warmer seasons, including shorter completion times and potential discounts.

Also contrary to popular belief, winter home improvement projects don’t have to involve a lot of expense and difficulty. Whether you’re doing small projects or moderate upgrades, here are some cold-weather home improvement ideas that won’t break your budget:

Get a Jumpstart on Curb Appeal
With spring in mind, this affordable winter project entails adding fertilizer to trees, shrubs and grass during winter months, in preparation for spring. As a homeowner, fertilizing your yard will not only keep it nourished during the dead of winter, but provide optimal care until it’s time to shine in the springtime. While the winter months are obviously the offseason for curb appeal, that shouldn’t be translated into providing no care at all. Getting a jump start on springtime growth is not only inexpensive for homeowners, it only requires a few hours of your time to make a big difference down the road.

Apply New Paint (Interior)
If cold days are keeping you indoors, why not take advantage of that time and freshen up your walls? Another popular winter home improvement project is applying a fresh coat of paint to the interior of your home. At roughly $30 a gallon, this indoor improvement project offers significant value to homeowners, both short and long-term, and especially when confined to indoor activities only. It’s recommended homeowners use white paint: using anything else will require multiple coats, therefore utilizing more paint, which will equate to costing your more money. For homeowners looking to sell, white painted surroundings offer a blank canvas to potential homebuyers.

Central Oklahoma Habitat’s ReStores are the perfect place to find new, high-quality interior and exterior paint for prices ranging from $9.99 to $14.99 per gallon.

Add a Tile Backsplash to Kitchens and Bathrooms
Interior upgrades are often small projects that make a huge difference. One of the more affordable options is adding a colorful backsplash to kitchens and/or bathrooms. This do-it-yourself home improvement idea adds personality to a room’s look, helping to accessorize and emphasize your countertops, cabinets and appliances.

The cost of adding a tile backsplash will depend on the size of the area, including the type of tile you want to use. The skill level needed to complete this project ranges from medium to advanced, but patience and a steady hand will go a long way with this project.

Refurbish Your Doors
Homeowners understand the visual impact interior doors can have on a home. Instead of being out of pocket to replace them, one of the more popular winter home improvement projects is to simply refurbish them. Whether the front, bathroom or bedroom door, this home improvement idea includes painting doors to make them look more expensive or modern, installing decorative doorknobs to add flare, and even adding molding to flat doors to create dimension. You’ll find lots of interior door slabs and exterior pre-hung doors at both COHFH ReStores.

When and if you decide to try your hand at some wintertime repairs, remember that Central Oklahoma Habitat ReStores offer great deals on quality new and gently used building supplies, home improvement products, furniture, appliances and a wide variety of household items. The ReStores stock everything from flooring and paint to unique area rugs, antiques and collectibles, and the price is less than half of what you’ll find anywhere else. The inventory changes almost daily, so check out our Facebook page, COHFH ReStore, to see the latest deals.

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