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Declutter Your Home and Donate to Habitat

Minimalist décor is all the rage these days, and it’s a trend that is easy to get behind. Needing less stuff is great on your wallet, on your eyes, and can even lead to more time in your life, as you’re not spending as much time taking care of physical things. Done correctly, it can also be great for the environment. When you declutter your home and donate to Habitat for Humanity, you’re able to update your space, and support a great local charity.

When designing a minimalist home, consider which items bring you joy, or are useful, and remove anything that’s not. Think carefully before keeping things just because they were a gfit, or you feel guilty getting rid of them. When you donate items that you don’t love or use, you’re letting someone else have the chance to enjoy them. Leaving room on shelves, bookcases, and table tops allows your eyes to wander the room without getting overwhelmed. You’ll want to donate any knickknacks or household goods that don’t contribute to the overall feeling of Zen in your living spaces. Declutter room by room, or if you prefer, by category of belongings. For example, you could declutter your books first, then your kitchen wares, then your knickknacks.

More than small items, you should also declutter furniture that might not fit your space or current taste. We’ve all had pieces of hand me down furniture given to us, that no longer work, or maybe never truly did. Free up floor space and get rid of those items as well.

What to do with the items that you no longer want? If they are in good, useable condition, consider donating to your local Habitat for Humanity’s Restore. You can find a list of acceptable items HERE, but the general rules are this: furniture, home décor, window treatments, rugs, and outdoor furniture are all great to donate. Items that cannot be donated and should instead be recycled include baby cribs and car seats, tube and projection style television sets, home computers and printers, and used mattresses and box spring sets.

When you donate to the ReStore, you help free up space in your home that was previously taken up by your unwanted items, and you help the community by supporting Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity’s mission to provide decent, affordable homes to limited- income individuals. Additionally, you are helping the environment by reducing waste in landfills. All donations are 100% tax deductible and you will want to ask for a donation receipt for tax purposes.

Spring cleaning can be a truly gratifying experience when you declutter your home and donate to Habitat for Humanity. While the process may seem daunting to start, once you see how nice your home looks with less things in it, you’ll look for more ways to declutter and to donate. It’s a win win for all involved: you, your home, and the community that Habitat for Humanity serves each year.


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