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Benefits of Being a Homeowner

Owning your own home can have distinct advantages over renting, especially when it comes to building your net worth and providing a stable environment for your family. Buying a home is a big step in settling down and putting down roots in a community. Researchers find that not only do homeowners gain a sense of stability when they settle into their first home, but they also contribute to neighborhood stability. Homeowners are more invested in their properties, and thus, their neighborhood, which makes for a more stable and close-knit community. For those looking for stability and a neighborly ambience, homeownership might offer them what they’re looking for.

Have you ever wished you lived in one of those idyllic neighborhoods where you can borrow sugar from a neighbor and share a homemade pie with another neighbor? If you’re constantly moving from rental to rental, you probably don’t get to know your neighbors very well, aside from the usual small talk you make in passing. Because most homeowners stay in their homes for longer periods of time, they’re more likely to form relationships with their neighbors and are more invested in their community.

It has been discovered that there is a positive correlation between homeownership and children’s academic achievement. Because most homeowners stay in their homes for a longer period of time, they provide a more stable home life for children, which, in turn, positively impacts their academic performance.

And the stability of homeownership doesn’t just affect children’s academic achievement – it can also affect their behavior. The importance of stability on children’s emotional well-being can’t be underestimated. The change in environment and separation from their peers that comes as a consequence of changing residences and schools can lead to behavioral problems. All parents try to manage their children’s emotional distress that comes from relocating, but homeowners have more control of when they move and under what circumstances.

Kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from homeownership. Homeowners themselves often feel more at peace and in control of their environment when they own their own home. Studies have found that the sense of control that homeowners gain when they own their own home contributes to their positive mental health. Renting from someone else can be frustrating and limiting, but homeownership can give one a sense of accomplishment and pride.

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