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Step Three – Understanding the Process

Family Selection Process

Once your application has been submitted and approved, it takes up to a year to move into your new Central Oklahoma Habitat home.

Here is the process we follow.

1. Application Submission

Everyone interested in purchasing a Central Oklahoma Habitat home must fully complete the application forms.  Spanish application forms are available.  There is no application fee charged.  Once we receive your application, there are three things we review before moving on to the next step:

  • Income – Required employment for one year or more with current employer.
  • Credit check – Show any outstanding debt.
  • Background check – Criminal background is conducted on all adult applicants.

2. Ability to Pay

You will need to submit several other documents at this meeting, such as tax returns, paycheck stubs, driver’s license and proof of legal residency.  Each adult family member who will be on the mortgage and/or living in the home will be required to attend an ability-to-pay meeting where financial obligations will be explained.

3. Family Selection Meeting

Volunteers from the Family Selection Committee meet once a month to review each family in the application process who have shown that they have a need, the ability to pay and the willingness to partner with Central Oklahoma Habitat.  If the reviewed applicant passes the Family Selection Committee, then the family proceeds to the Board of Directors.

4. Board of Directors Approval

The Board of Directors of Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity reviews each applicant for final approval.  The Board makes the final decision on all applicants to our program.

5. Sweat Equity Meeting

Once final approval is received, the family is required to attend a sweat equity meeting to discuss ways in which the family can work to achieve their 300 hours of sweat equity.

6. Construction Meeting

The construction meeting is scheduled with the new home buyer once the framing date of the home is set.  Prior to this meeting, the buyer will need to select all colors pertaining to carpet, vinyl flooring,  countertops, guttering, windows and front door.  The construction manager will discuss all the components of the home at the construction meeting.

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