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Step One – Qualification

Find out if your family qualifies to purchase a new Central Oklahoma Habitat home.

Could I buy a Habitat home?

Basic qualifications Central Oklahoma Habitat’s home purchase program include:

  1. NEED – Are you living in substandard, inadequate, or overcrowded housing, or otherwise able to demonstrate a need for the Habitat program?
  2. ABILITY TO PAY – Are you able and willing to make regular monthly mortgage payments on your new home? Take a look at our income requirements below.  The amount shown is the maximum combined household income limit.
  • You must also be head of a household.  A household may be a couple or a single person, with or without children.
  • You must be willing and able to participate in financial planning and budgeting workshops and other required training sessions.  These sessions will be applied to your sweat equity.
  • You must be willing to live in and become an active part of a neighborhood where Central Oklahoma Habitat is building homes.
  • We check credit.  It does not have to be perfect, but it does matter.  We look for at least one year of stable rent and utility payments in an applicant’s name, and at least one year of stable work history.

Step Two

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