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Beat the Heat and Go Shopping at ReStore

Summer is here, and when it’s heating up outside one great way to stay cool is to grab a water bottle, meet a friend, and then pop over to your local ReStore for some shopping. The Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity ReStores sell new and used items, such as building supplies, appliances, furniture, rugs and other household items. A purchase here goes a long way, as proceeds from all sales at our two COHFH ReStores help to create and preserve homeownership in central Oklahoma.

Here are some thrift shopping tips that will keep you from leaving the store disappointed:

If you love something, buy it! Don’t talk yourself out of it just because you didn’t go shopping with that specific item in mind. Most seasoned ReStore shoppers have a story or two about stumbling upon their favorite find at an unexpected time. Our merchandise also changes constantly, so odds are that item won’t be available on your next visit. When in doubt, just put it in your cart while you’re roaming around the store, because you can always put it back on shelf later.

Bring a measuring tape and color swatches. Looking to fill an empty bedroom nook or space for a dining table? It’s always a great idea to measure the space you’re looking to fill, so jot down those measurements in a notebook or in your phone, then pack up the tape measure and head over to the ReStore. Having the measuring tape on hand allows you to check to see if items are the correct size right there in the store. You may also want to bring color swatches or pictures of a certain things you’re trying to match. If you shop prepared, then you’ll never take something home that doesn’t fit or leave something behind that could have.

Donate something every time you go. Not only does this keep your home from becoming too cluttered, it’s also good thrifting karma to give as you get. If your items are big, like furniture, you can schedule a free pickup by calling 405-595-2828 or going on our website, www.cohfh.org.

Shop out of season! It can feel odd to shop for Christmas items in July, but once you discover the merits of shopping out of season, you’ll be surprised by the cost savings and special finds. So even though it’s summertime now and most people have pools and picnics on the brain, don’t pass up stocking up on holiday lights and rustic fall decorations.

Shop (safely) during or after a storm. Any seasoned ReStore thrifter will tell you that a bad weather day has another silver lining that many people don’t think of: epic finds! When the weather is rough but the ReStores are still open, staff can work swiftly to sort through donations and get them on the floor, because they have fewer customers to assist. And because all the other shoppers are hunkering down at home, you get the pick of the litter as soon as new items hit the shelves.

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